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    Key Features of Our Casino Management Software

    1. No Monthly Fees or Royalties: You won’t incur any monthly fees or royalties for using our online casino software, both for casino management and website frontend.
    2. Certified and Compliant: Our turnkey casino software and Random Number Generator (RNG) have undergone rigorous certification by iTech Labs and BMM TestLabs. The source code is GLI-19 certified, ensuring compliance with various jurisdiction requirements.
    3. Customizable RTP Percentage: We offer the flexibility to reconfigure the payout (Return to Player – RTP) percentage of select games to better align with your specific requirements, provided your jurisdiction permits such changes. Contact us for more details.
    4. RTP API Integration: For an additional cost, you can utilize our RTP API to edit and recalculate the payout (RTP) for certain slot games, offering greater control over your gaming offerings.
    5. Full Customization: Enjoy complete control over the graphics and HTML/CSS code of the casino software, allowing you to create a unique and tailored gaming experience.
    6. Payment Method Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Bitcoin or other popular online payment methods such as Skrill, iPayDna, NETELLER, ClickAndBuy, or CoinBase to accommodate your players’ preferences.
    7. Comprehensive Support: We provide developer documentation, user manuals, and lifetime technical support to ensure a smooth operation.
    8. Scalability: Our software can handle over 1000 gameplays per second, equivalent to accommodating more than 1 million active users per month, making it suitable for high-traffic platforms.
    9. Private Hosting: Your turnkey casino software source code files and MYSQL database will be securely hosted on your server, eliminating any reliance on our servers.
    10. Multi-Currency Support: Start your casino with Bitcoin or any other real money currency of your choice. You have the flexibility to select the currency that suits your business needs.
    11. Privacy Guaranteed: We respect your privacy. Your casino URL will never be mentioned in our portfolios or disclosed without your consent.
    12. Rapid Delivery: Get your turnkey casino software delivered in less than a day, ensuring you can launch your gaming platform swiftly.
    13. Advanced Management: Benefit from over 190 features in the backoffice administrator panel for comprehensive activity tracking and efficient casino management.
    14. Robust Reporting: Utilize advanced search filters to generate detailed reports from the administrator panel, aiding in informed decision-making.
    15. Transfer Funds with Ease: Use the “Transfer Funds to User” feature to seamlessly transfer credits to players directly from the backoffice administrator panel.
    16. PDF Documentation: Easily convert transaction pages into downloadable PDF documents or generate PDF invoices for individual transactions.
    17. Operator Management: Create operators/agents (cashiers) from the administrator panel and assign access rights to manage your casino and create subordinated staff, streamlining your operations.
    18. Mobile Responsiveness: Enjoy a free mobile-responsive template similar to our demo site, ensuring a seamless gaming experience across devices.

    Our casino management software offers a comprehensive suite of features, providing you with the tools and flexibility to run a successful online casino.


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